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“They provided me a detailed written estimate of everything my car needed, inside and out, and patiently explained each item to me and why it needed attention. The work was done in a timely manner and with tremendous attention to detail."

- Scott Schilbrack, Luten Insurance Agency

“Sunbeam Autobody saved me from the embarrassment of backing into my daughter’s car. She was sitting next to me! Fortunately I knew exactly who to call. Linda at Sunbeam Autobody set up the appointment very quickly. They had the car back to me in two days. You would never know the car had been damaged.”

- Peter Marks, First Coast Entertainment

“I am so very pleased and impressed with the folks at Sunbeam Autobody. I have had the "opportunity" to use Sunbeam on three separate occasions and my cars come back PERFECT every time."

- Matt Romano, Jacksonville, FL






The Repair Process

Even the most simple repair involves many different steps from start to finish. Our goal is to repair your vehicle correctly and quickly as possible. The repair process can be delayed by several factors: hidden damage, availability of parts, customer needs, etc. Listed below is an example of Steps of the Repair Process:

THE ESTIMATE—An estimate should be done prior to repairs to determine the approximate cost of the repair. We will honor an insurance estimate and will notify them if it is incomplete or if the there is hidden damage present. Because of our preciseness, and quality of work, we are a Preferred Shop for many of the major insurance companies. This is an important factor involving estimates, supplements, and communications. It is important for the customer to know, an estimate is exactly what the work indicates, it is not a contract. It is a document that is estimating the cost of repairs which includes parts, labor, and diagnostics. If after further inspection, additional parts or repairs are needed the paying party will be contacted for authorization. Should you want us to provide an estimate, there is a $25.00 fee.  This charge is refunded to you should you choose Sunbeam Autobody, Inc. to repair your vehicle.

LIABILITY—It is important for the customer to obtain the information on who will be responsible for the payment of the repairs done to the vehicle, including supplementary repairs. (Supplementary repairs are the result of hidden damage or missed items on the estimate. All supplements must be approved before the repairs can continue). This is extremely important because the owner of the vehicle is responsible for payment in full which is required upon delivery.

AUTHORIZATION—The vehicle owner must ALWAYS give authorization for repairs.

PARTS—The estimate will be used as a guide to order the parts that are on the estimate. It is important to understand that even with numerous parts supplies at our disposal, parts availability may still be a problem. We will not continue a repair until we have received the proper parts.

BODY REPAIR—The damaged parts are removed. At this point any hidden damage will be reported to the paying party (if necessary). The repair process will sometimes be delayed until the supplemental repairs have been inspected and approved. Next, supplement parts will be ordered and the repairs will continue. Hidden damage may show up at any stage of the repair process. If this occurs the procedure mentioned above will be repeated.

FRAME/UNIBODY—Your vehicle’s frame or uni-body is pulled back to factory specifications using a very sophisticated measuring systems.

PARTIAL ASSEMBLY—Any parts that need to be painted or edged internally, will be painted at this time. Any exterior parts that will need paint will be installed after the interior parts have dried.

TEST DRIVE—The vehicle is driven to see if the repaired and replaced components perform properly. If there are any other problems noticed, they are addressed at this time.

DETAIL—The vehicle is washed and cleaned.

FINAL INSPECTION—After being cleaned, your advisor will inspect the repairs done and compare them with the final estimate and supplement to insure everything that was suppose to be repaired was done. After the advisor is satisfied that the repairs are completed, the customer is called to pick up the vehicle.

DELIVERY—After the vehicle has been inspected by the customer and payment in full has been made, the vehicle is released to the customer.

POST DELIVERY—If you discovered a problem after delivery, please contact your advisor who will direct you accordingly. Sunbeam Autobody, Inc offers a guarantee on its workmanship and parts (with the exception of rust), or as long as you own your car. All work performed under this guarantee will be done at Sunbeam Autobody, Inc.

SERVICE –After assembly any service work will be done such as alignment, oil change, etc.

FINISH ASSEMBLY –All remaining parts are assembled at this time, such as moldings, lights, glass, etc.

COLOR/SAND/BUFF –After drying (usually over night) the painted panels are color sanded and buffed to insure a smooth, clean shine.

CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT—If a vehicle is released to a customer before completion of repairs, a diagnostic and handling charge, including restocking fees, reassembly and storage will be assessed.


To protect our environment, Sunbeam Autobody, Inc. only uses Single Source waterborne paints.
Step 1 is to prepare the panels or parts needed to be painted. This involves cleaning, sanding, and taping. At this time color matching is done to insure that the newly painted portions match the original. Care is also taken to cover the areas not to be painted.

Step 2 will be applying a primer to the exposed metal to insure rust protection and to create a proper surface to apply the paint to. Sprayed panels must dry sufficiently (sometimes overnight) before the process can continue.

Step 3 is to spray the color or paint. This may take several steps depending upon how many stages your original paint had (metallic, pearl, etc.)

Step 4 is to apply a clear coat if called for. After each of these steps the applied material must dry before the next step may occur. After all the above steps have been completed, your vehicle will be inspected to see if any of the steps need to be repeated.


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