Testimonials Independents vs. Dealerships

“They provided me a detailed written estimate of everything my car needed, inside and out, and patiently explained each item to me and why it needed attention. The work was done in a timely manner and with tremendous attention to detail."

- Scott Schilbrack, Luten Insurance Agency

“Sunbeam Autobody saved me from the embarrassment of backing into my daughter’s car. She was sitting next to me! Fortunately I knew exactly who to call. Linda at Sunbeam Autobody set up the appointment very quickly. They had the car back to me in two days. You would never know the car had been damaged.”

- Peter Marks, First Coast Entertainment

“I am so very pleased and impressed with the folks at Sunbeam Autobody. I have had the "opportunity" to use Sunbeam on three separate occasions and my cars come back PERFECT every time."

- Matt Romano, Jacksonville, FL







Dealerships have really been reaching out to consumers to get their service and autobody repair work. This is probably because profits on new car sales are down and as cars are typically being built better, warranty work has also plummeted. Dealerships now need and want repair business just to survive.

Here is what others say about Independent Repair Shops:

“Repairs at a new car dealership cost an average of 34 percent more than those at independent repair shops, resulting in $11.7 billion in excess costs to consumers annually”, according to a new study released by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA).

“People are more satisfied with independent repair shops”, says Robert Krughoff, president of Consumer’s Checkbook, which has been rating auto repair shops since 1976. “And they tend to be less expensive than dealers.”

Why do consumers appreciate doing business with an independent shop?

      • We generally have lower prices 
      • Our owner is on the premises, and really cares about our customers
      • Our staff that is motivated to do the job right. . .the first time
      • We place a very high premium on customer satisfaction since word of mouth is our chief form of marketing.
      • We have the same technical and repair information as dealerships thanks to computer software
      • We, like the dealerships, take training classes regularly to be state-of-the-art
      • We, like the dealerships, have state-of-the-art equipment


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